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About Me

I have a degree in Space Systems Engineering from UCF and went to school for an MBA at Webster University. I am a small engineering business owner designing thermal and laser targeting systems for the US DoD since 2006, supporting all our armed forces. I love our community and believe that this is the best I can do to support us.

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Get Out and Vote

Primary Election: Tuesday, August, 16th, 2022
General Election: Tuesday, November 8th, 2022

As of 2022, Alaska elections are determined by Ranked Choice Voting (RCV). For an explanation, please visit this link:
We are now in a new district, with someone that does not believe in the district's best interests. We need to look out for what we believe and the best way is to vote for the person that can support your beliefs.

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6575 Richardson Hwy. Salcha, AK 99714

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Issues & Political Concerns

Time for a Common-sense Conservative with no political career motivations

Fiscal Responsibility

We need to have a balanced budget with spending caps. To secure Alaska's economic security, we need to have long-term in-state economically supportive resource development projects. We can overcome rising commodity costs by assertation of our state's rights and producing for AK and not being subject to the exterior forces from the lower 48. To do this we need private economy with smaller Government. We need to ensure all Alaskan workers and companies are working for the best interests of the state.

Responsible Resource Development

Responsible resource development is key to the security of interior Alaska. Through long-term investments  (not at the cost to Alaskans), we can be able to secure future Alaskan energy and financial independence. The legislature has a great role to play in fighting for our rights and ensuring we maintain these rights; however, it takes a strong, well-informed, legislature to fight for these rights. My goal is to fight for the rights of the people.

Constitutional Issues

I strongly believe that the constitutional convention would be a great opportunity for Alaska to have the people get to be involved and weigh in on critical items as budget spending, the PFD, and abortion. I believe that thee are critical issues that do not need to be determined by the legislature, but, all Alaskans.

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